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Windows Forms - TreeView

Version: 1.0
Author: Coder's Lab
Website: N/A
The Multi-Select TreeView behaves as the standard .NET treeview, and is used in the same way, but with multi-select capabilities. Selection key combinations (CTRL, SHIFT and CTR/SHIFT) are implemented. Navigation with keyboard is also possible.

Status: Freeware
C#; Windows, .NET; Win32, VS, GDI+, WinForms; Dev

Version: 1.4
Author: Andy Powney
Website: N/A
This library produces a domain tree of a given HTML document, allowing the developer to navigate and change the document in an methodical way. In addition to the basic HTML production, this library can also be used to produce XHTML documents, as it includes a full HTML 4 entity encoder.

Status: Freeware
C#; Windows, .NET; Win32, VS, GDI+, WinForms; Dev

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